Continuous Probability Distributions:

  1. Normal/Gaussian
  2. Student’s t-distribution
  3. Exponential
  4. log-normal
  5. Power law and Pareto distribution

Normal/Gaussian Distribution:

  1. Gaussian Naive Bayes Classifier
  2. Logistic, Linear Regression, and least…

For a data scientist aspirant, Statistics is a must-learn thing. It can process complex and challenging problems in the real world so that Data Scientists can mine useful trends, changes, and data behavior to fit into the appropriate model, yielding the best results. Every time we get a new dataset, we must understand the data pattern and the underlying probability distribution for further optimization and treatment during the Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA). During EDA, we try to find out the behavior of data using different probability distributions. …

What is Confidence Interval?

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Suppose we want to study the average age of the whole population of India. As the popullation of India is very high, it will be a tedious job to get everyone’s age data and will take lot of time for the survey. So instead of doing that we can collect samples from different parts of India and try…

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Mathematical Definition:

  1. Income and Expenditure of an individual
  2. Demand and price of a commodity

What is Correlation?

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